About QBIC

About QBIC

QBIC is a program for students interested in a more in-depth approach to the biological sciences. Our integrative four-year curriculum emphasizes the study of living systems while providing students the tools to critically evaluate biological concepts.

Our graduates are well prepared to excel in any biological science professional or graduate program.

Renowned organizations, including the Howard Hughes Medical Institute and the National Institutes of Health, have concluded that:

  • thinking could produce significant advances in biological knowledge if undergraduate biology curricula are updated to incorporate mathematics, the physical and informational sciences, and statistics.

  • Biological Sciences undergraduate programs in the United States need to be revised and improved; American undergraduates need to learn the importance of utilizing tools from other disciplines to address biological sciences questions.

In response, FIU faculty in the biological sciences, mathematics, chemistry, statistics, physics, computer science, and biomedical engineering departments designed an innovative new program for undergraduates pursuing careers in the biological sciences: QBIC.

QBIC both enhances the quality of Biological Sciences education available to its scholars and functions as a pilot for eventual reforms of the FIU Biological Sciences undergraduate curriculum.

QBIC Scholars could be the future of Biology in the United States.

QBIC accepted the first cohort of 24 freshmen in 2007, and has accepted another cohort each year since.

14 of our first 24 scholars have graduated:

  • 3 graduated within three years
  • 8 graduated with Cum Laude, Magna Cum Laude, or Summa Cum Laude Bachelor of Science degrees in the Biological Sciences
  • 6 are in medical school, 1 is at the UF College of Pharmacy, 1 will begin an MD/PhD, 1 is in a Master's program at Barry University, and the others are preparing applications to professional and graduate schools
  • Individual scholars have:

    • earned the FIU Biological Sciences Department Outstanding Service Award, the Robert J. Smiddy Undergraduate Honors Research Award, the Marta Montiel de Cuervo Prize for outstanding academic achievement, and a "Best Scientific Poster Presentation" award at the 2010 ABRCMS Conference
    • completed summer research programs at FIU, Stanford, Harvard, HHMI, and MIT, among other institutions
    • successfully applied to the MBRS RISE and MARC USTAR programs, which pay for undergraduates to perform research (in the laboratories) and travel to conferences, and provide many other benefits

QBIC strives to generate scholars whose critical thinking skills and interdisciplinary background enable them to excel in any biology professional or graduate program.

QBIC scholars have the opportunity to earn a QBIC scholarship towards the cost of their tuition. This amount is $2,000 for freshmen who maintain a 3.0 GPA, and continues if scholars maintain the requisite GPA (which increases slightly each year of their degree).